Take the risk out of upgrades, updates and deployments using ORQA.

What can you do?

“Save time and money by using ORQA for in-house testing”

  • Develop and modify different testing workflows with ease.

  • Easily integrate ORQA with your current solution because it can incorporate a huge range of scripts, so switching to ORQA does not require a complete rewrite of testing code.

  • Speed-up development with coding-optional drag-and-drop interface designed for coders.

  • Understand the test plan at a glance for technical and non-technical teams due to user-friendy UI.

  • Integrate different system and perform testing operations to have a hassle free development and reduce costs.

What can we do?

“Remove the risk from upgrades, integrations and new implementations”

  • Offer low-cost, effective and reliable testing services.

  • Experienced support technical team to assist operations in organisations of all sizes with experience in all aspects of testing solutions, from ascertaining technical specifications to report creation.

  • Offer a full suite of testing, including system integration testing, deployment testing, load testing, regression testing, database validation and more.

  • Flexible testing tool that runs on both desktop PCs and inside complex banking environments running legacy software.

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    Version: 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2019-01-22.