ORQA is a highly scalable automation and data management tool, used for Quality Assurance in some of the world's leading financial institutions.

IB Boost Managed Solutions

Remove the risk from upgrades, updates and deployments

IB Boost offers low-cost, effective and reliable testing services. Our consultants have a wide range of skills that allow us to quickly and cost-effectively augment and extend ORQA to suit your needs. IB Boost has experience in all aspects of testing solutions, from ascertaining technical specifications to report creation.

Using ORQA and other tools we can offer a full suite of testing, including system integration testing, deployment testing, load testing, regression testing, database validation and more.

ORQA is flexible and runs on both desktop PCs and inside complex banking environments running legacy software.

Our solutions are built in ORQA’s user-friendly framework, so solutions can be built by IB Boost and easily managed by either IB Boost or in-house teams.

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Self-Managed Solutions

Save time and money by using ORQA for in-house testing

ORQA Community edition can be extended by ready-made and built-to-order plugins for testing. IB Boost will create a bespoke version of ORQA tailored to your specific requirements. If you are unsure of your requirements IB Boost consultants can be engaged to help.

ORQA works with your current solution as it can incorporate a huge range of scripts, so switching to ORQA does not require a complete rewrite of testing code.

ORQA has a coding-optional drag-and-drop interface designed for coders to speed up development and non-coding team members to understand a test plan at a glance.

IB Boost currently offers ready-made plugins for Java automation and HP ALM integration. Other Plugins can be built to order, helping you save time and keep costs down.

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Take the risk out of upgrades, updates and deployments using ORQA.

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