Use ORQA as a project accelerator and increase productivity.

“Automate anything, anywhere!”

ORQA as an Automation Engine

Built to run in any environment
Automates everything including software GUIs, interface with APIs
Automate data transformations and reconciliations of huge datasets with complex matching rules

ORQA as an ETL Engine

Replace time-consuming and custom-built scripts as the go-to method for extracting complex and messy data
Easily extacts from various legacy systems scrubbing the data clean and organising its dissemination throughout the enterprise
Manage the frequency of the extractions whether on a one-off basis or as a regular business-as-usual task.

ORQA as a QA Engine

Integrates industry best-practices with tremendous automation and data management capabilities
Holistic solution covering software, business processes and data alike
Reliable, cost-effective and time-saving QA tool

Supported Techonology

Front - End Technologies

  • Java Swing

  • Web

  • Windows


  • Firefox

  • Internet Explorer

  • Chrome

  • PhantomJS

Data Formats

  • Excel

  • CSV

  • XML

  • JSON

Supported Databases

  • Sybase

  • MySQL

  • MariaDB

  • SQL Server

  • Cassandra

  • H2DB

  • Oracle


  • Any DB with a JDBC driver available

Integrated Open Source Testing Tools

  • Selenium

  • JMeter

Continuous Integration

  • Jenkins

  • TFS (coming soon)

Team Collaboration

  • SVN

  • GIT

API Technologies

  • REST

  • SOAP

  • FIX

  • JMS

Script Languages

  • Groovy

  • Python

  • VBA


  • HP ALM

  • SMTP

  • HTTP

  • SSH

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Version: 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2019-01-22.