“Life is Short. Automate!”


Below is an overview of the tutorials that you might want to follow to get you up to speed with ORQA.

Your First ORQA Task In Three Minutes

To get you started quickly, we have prepared instructions that will help you understand the basics of the ORQA interface. In this tutorial we show you how to load and modify an Excel file. Once you have completed this, you will have enough knowledge to work on tasks such as browser automation in the next tutorials!

Automate A Web Page In Three Minutes

Learn how to login to a web-page in ORQA and get started with web automation. This assumes you already have some understanding of how to create tasks in ORQA, this is explained in the previous tutorial.

Reconcile Your Data In Three Minutes

Learn how to perform a reconciliation and compare an Excel file with a CSV.

The ORQA user interface

Get to know the ORQA user interface better with our UI guide

ORQA Headless

Want to run ORQA from command line? No problem, here we explain how.

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