ORQA is a highly scalable automation and data management tool that has been used for Automation and Quality Assurance in some of the world's leading financial institutions.

IB Boost Managed Solutions

Automate repetitive tasks to save time and money

IB Boost offers affordable automation solutions. We work with organisations of all sizes, from world-leading financial corporations to small and medium sized businesses. IB Boost have experience creating all aspects automation solutions, from ascertaining technical specifications to user-friendly interfaces.

We have created automation for system integration, testing, data extraction, data transformation, data input and more.

Personalised automation solutions using ORQA can automate virtually any application and can be implemented in virtually any system or environment. This means that ORQA can work in a cross-platform environment.

ORQA automation comes with expert support and management to ensure a stable and reliable automation solution.

Our solutions are built using ORQA’s user-friendly framework, meaning that they can be managed by IB Boost or be handed over to your own automation teams.

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Self-Managed Solutions

Quickly and easily set up an advanced automation solutions

ORQA Community edition can be extended by ready-made and built-to-order plugins for automation. IB Boost create bespoke versions of ORQA tailored to the specific requirements of our client. If you are unsure of your requirements, IB Boost consultants can help.

ORQA is multi-platform and can automate virtually any application, and can be used in a huge range of environments, from modern PC’s to legacy banking environments.

ORQA’s advanced logic allows you automate everything from data ETL, to testing and system integration

Plugins for expanded automation are available for ORQA which allow you to integrate or automate virtually any application.

IB Boost currently offers ready-made plugins for Java automation and HP ALM integration. Other Plugins can be quickly and efficiently built to order, meaning we help you to keep costs down.

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