“Life is short. Automate!”

Stop repeating the same routine tasks daily, push a button and let ORQA do your work.

For non-developers

Code free to make development easy
User-friendly for users who don’t code
No support needed for working like an IT professional
Adaptable for quickly responding to change

For developers

Blazing fast for large projects
Ready-built functions for faster development
Reusable for repeated deployment
Incorporate existing scripts for easy migration

Data Automation

  • Compatible with CSV, XML, Excel files and Databases
  • Use rule-based logic to transform data
  • Compare data from any source
  • Convert data between different formats
  • Enrich data from multiple sources

Java Automation

  • Compatible with any Java based application
  • Fill out forms in any application
  • Perform stress testing
  • Scrape information from the app

Web Automation

  • Compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and PhantomJS
  • Download/Upload files from the web
  • Fill out forms on a web site
  • Perform testing on your website
  • Monitor a web site for updates

Windows Automation

  • Manage any Windows application
  • Fill out forms on on an application
  • Check all the functionalities
  • Scrape information from the application

Connect to Any Data Source

ORQA User interface

Reconcile Everything

ORQA Reconciliation

Transform Anything

ORQA Transformers

Visualize Anything

ORQA Visualisation

Enjoy Your Automation With A Powerful And User-Friendly Interface

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Version: 0.0.1-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2019-01-22.