Automate With Ease

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About ORQA

Build your workflow using a powerful user interface

Execute your daily routine tasks with the click of a button

Adjust parameters flexibly and run it whenever you need it

Automate your work with CSV, XML, Excel files

Extract data from almost any source

Reconcile data

Convert data between different formats

Migrate data between environments

Download files from the web

Fill out forms on a website

Check all links on your website are live

Monitor a website for updates

Scrape information from the web

Compare names, dates, sizes of files

Compare content of folders

Synchronize differences

Copy and move files locally and remotely

Delete files and folders

Blazing fast

User-friendly for users who don’t code

Work like an IT professional without support

Intelligent to give you flexibility

Native Pipelining for faster processing

Ready-built functions for faster development

Reusable for repeated deployment

Incorporate existing scripts for easy migration

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